Two unique samurai present a comical & serious samurai sword performance (Chambara) show.

We also entertain you with a one and only authentic samurai sword performance called “THE REAL CHAMBARA” ,
where two duralumin swords directly and dynamically come in contact with each other in full strength.
Shows like this are seldom shown on TV nor live shows.

We strive to transmit our energy, smiles and strength which are vital supplements to our hearts to the audience
as well as to convey the ancient Japanese spirits through our performance.


Swords are not to harm the others.
It exists to connect our “hearts”.
“You and I”.

『心』に在る 『神』と 自『身』を『信』じ
『新』しき 『真』の道を 『進』む

We will be happy, if you felt something after watching our shows.